Bachelor of Arts

BA degree in Environmental Science

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Environmental Science is a three years Undergraduate program that focuses on the study of the natural environment and the interactions between living organisms and their surroundings. This BA degree program typically includes courses in ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and mathematics, as well as courses in social sciences, humanities, and policy. The curriculum of a BA in Environmental Science program aims to provide students with a broad understanding of environmental issues and challenges, as well as the scientific and analytical skills needed to address these issues. Students in this program may study topics such as environmental policy, sustainability, natural resource management, environmental law, and environmental ethics. Graduates students of a BA in Environmental Science program may pursue careers in various fields, including environmental consulting, conservation and natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, environmental education, environmental journalism, and policy analysis. They may also choose to pursue advanced MA, MBA postgraduate degrees in environmental science, ecology, or related fields.

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